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About Us

Plush Salon & Makeup Academy is a sophisticated high-end salon in the heart of Kathmandu city where you can get the best treatment at a very affordable price. It has a very friendly and welcoming environment where you can enjoy the professionalism, warm and energetic atmosphere provided by the service of a highly experienced team.

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Whether you come here to ensure that you always look your very best, or your visit is more about stress relief and survival in a busy world, Plush Salon & Beauty Salon is an ideal place to spend a few hours self-renewal.

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Sabina Adhikari
Sabina believes that beauty is subjective in nature. So in order to look beautiful, you've to feel confident and happy. In her experience as a beautician, she has made many girls look and feel beautiful.
Rita Silwal
Makeup Artist & Skin Expert
Rita Silwal is a skin expert and makeup artist having 15+ years of working experience with more than 2000+ satisfied clients.
Aawaj Limbu
Hair Dresser
Aswaj Limbu is a creative hairdresser having unique skill sets and a modern hairstyle experience. He's got 10 years + professional experience and worked with 1000+ clients.

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